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 How Can I Help?

1) Pray
2) Get Involved
3) Donate

PRAYER – The Gift of your Time

We are all called to evangelize for Jesus
Nothing is more important or more powerful.
When you pray for Hearts Afire remember to please include
ALL other Christian Ministries in the world in your prayer.
God will Smile.

GET INVOLVED – The Gift of your Talent

We are all called together to proclaim the Kingdom.
There is much to be done.
Register as a Member under the contact link to Help.

DONATE – The Gift of your Treasure

God needs nothing.
But He loves us to do things with HIM.
He can make anything and everything happen without us.
But He chooses to let us help, because it is Glorious and Good for us.

Where your Heart is, that is where your Treasure lies.
Let your Heart be His Heart.

There is much to be done.

• Hearts Afire Youth – an outreach from Grade School to College age is ready to go.
God is inviting us to work together on this.
Let’s say “YES” together.
We need this year to be doing High School Retreats,
developing Hearts Afire Vacation Bible School materials,
introducing Jesus to children via Grade School age concerts,
performing Christian Unity concerts and Coffee Houses on College Campuses

• Our Christian Unity Outreach brings together Christians from all communions under the protection of God’s Divine Mercy - healing the broken Body of Christ –
Make it possible for the Lord to take His message of Mercy into a different church each month
via our Hearts Afire Concerts For Christian Unity.

• The Hearts Afire 4 God: Christian Unity Outreach Radio Show is being invited onto many stations. Your Sponsorship is needed. Be Jesus to the world. Become a Sponsor.

We are boldly reaching out to you in the Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord.
In His Name we ask - Will you get involved?

His work in the world is in our hands – as ONE Body - Together.

He chooses to invite us to BE HIM to everyone and SEE HIM in everyone.
Will we say “YES” ?

HE says He will never be outdone in generosity.

Donate Now to Hearts Afire 4 God!
Any contribution is truly appreciated!

How to Donate
Hearts Afire is a Not-for-Profit Ministry,
registered with the US Government.
(Non-Profit License Number 0101002682)
Your donations are tax deductable.

We accept donation through PayPal directly,
or through Paypal via your credit card.
PayPal is secure.

To Donate directly through PayPal…
1) click Donate
2) enter your dollar amount
3) click below the dollar amt where it says “Update Total”

To use your Credit or Debit Card through PayPal…
1) enter the dollar amt where indicated
2) click below the dollar amt where it says “Update Total”
3) now click on the lower Left where it says “continue”
4) follow directions

You will receive your tax deductable receipt.
The current eMail we are using is: cgorch@hotmail.com
This is the temporary Hearts Afire Paypal account.

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