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Having faith that "All things are possible with God", we seek to heal the broken Body of Christ by bringing together Christians of all communions.  We focus on the Scriptures' call for Unity, and for believers to be "People of Peace". 

Jesus said that the world would know the Father had sent Him because
of our Unity.

We Glorify God in His Mercy and Love shown to all His people,
thereby breaking down dividing walls of Christian heartache. 

Our work is achieved through prayer and fasting...
and manifested through all types of media ministry,
including radio and television, live musical performance and personal witness.

We seek to imitate God Who bestows endless Mercy, both on those who Love Him and those
who do not know Him, and thus encourage all humanity in this critical time in history to realize...

We must Return Back to God with our whole Hearts!


Hearts In  Unity
Hearts In Unity
Hearts In Unity
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